Cogswell Hall is a permanent solution to homelessness that offers quality, low-income housing with social services, builds community and advocates for disabled and economically disadvantaged individuals.

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How can you live an altruistic lifestyle when negativity is on your mind? Today we've got the answers as we share six tips to help train your brain to be more positive.

There are lots of worthy nonprofits out there who need financial support, so how can you pick just one? Today, we're here to help you learn how to choose the right charity for donating.

Volunteering with elderly neighbors is an excellent way to get involved, support your community and find fulfillment. Check out these five benefits of volunteering with senior citizens.

We said goodbye today to Phoebe McIntosh, the face and voice of Cogswell Hall to many visitors and phone callers for the past year. Thanks to a placement by the AARP Foundation's Senior Community Service Employment Program, Phoebe has been our receptionist three days a week since 2016. Residents testified to the difference she made here in their farewells today.

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