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Board of Directors & Board Committees

We are seeking community volunteers interested in Board and Board Committee service. Our Board of Directors is actively involved in setting the agency’s strategic direction, raising the funds necessary to fulfill the mission, and overseeing the financial and legal health of the organization. Each Board member is expected to bring the highest level of personal and professional skills to Cogswell Hall and the Board of Directors.

Currently, Cogswell Hall is recruiting individuals who are experienced professionals in the areas of:

-Communications/Media Relations
-Housing/Real Estate
-Human Resources
-Information Technology
-Sales and Marketing

We are looking for people who are passionate about solving homelessness and increasing affordable housing for low-income individuals struggling with mental illness, cognitive disabilities, physically disabling conditions, substance abuse, and trauma. An excellent candidate is someone willing to promote, make connections for, and financially support Cogswell Hall and its mission.

To learn more about the board member opportunities at Cogswell Hall please contact us at 216-961-1568.

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