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The gifts that residents bring to life at Cogswell Hall are as varied as the personal challenges they each face, whether mental, physical, developmental or interpersonal. Openness to all of this is a hallmark of life here. Residents’ efforts to know and support each other are just as important as the role of our professional Supportive Services staff in encouraging community life and working through any conflicts that may arise.

An example is the Resident Circle. Open to all residents and meeting at least monthly, the Circle is a place to share ideas, address concerns of group living, and make suggestions about Cogswell Hall policies. Originally staff-led, the Circle is now more of a resident-led forum. Participants pursue consensus, shared responsibility, mutual support and peer-to-peer problem solving. “They are family, in the truest sense of the word,” said one Supportive Services staff member. “Some of them come from such chaos and dysfunction, but they are able, in a way I am not, to understand each other.”

For information on who can live at Cogswell Hall and to find an application form, click here. To learn how we support individual residents, click here. For more on life and activities at the Hall, click here.

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